We Are Heima


Tú hogar cuando estás lejos de casa

Seas propietario, huésped o inversor, encuentra la solución integral que necesitas contando con un equipo 5 estrellas.

We are Heima

Heima, which means “home” in Icelandic, is more than just a word. It is a commitment and philosophy that guides us in everything we do.

A home is so much more than a place to stay

We like to look for enchanting spaces and turn them into warm, comfortable and high-quality homes away from home.

360º management for 360º peace of mind

We guide homeowners through the whole process of joining HEIMA and leasing their homes as temporary accommodation.

Feeling at home means having peace of mind and knowing that everything will go smoothly.

Premium team

We have a wonderful, carefully selected team that is always ready to assist our clients. This is the secret that will make your experience with us a premium experience.

At HEIMA, we offer you a range of well-differentiated lines of products.

Find the integral solution you need with our 5-star team.

We can manage and exploit your property.

We offer you investment opportunities in properties that can later be leased as temporary accommodation.

You can travel with HEIMA and stay in one of our flats.