Heima Gran Vía C

4 guests

1 room

1 bed

1 bathroom

Stay in the Heart of Madrid

Cosy, fully furnished and equipped apartment in the heart of Madrid. A few metres from the famous Gran Vía and Puerta del Sol, and very close to the well-known Chueca neighbourhood, this modern space is ideal for up to 4 people and has everything you need to relax or visit the city.



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Alquiler alojamiento con Smart TV

Smart TV

Alquiler alojamiento con cocina equipada

Equipped kitchen


Washing machine



Horno y microondas



Coffee maker/kettle

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The Living Room

With a large window that provides light, the living room is fully furnished for your stay, thanks to a comfortable double sofa bed and a completely new Smart TV. The living room is connected to the kitchenette, making it a practical and cosy space.


Master Suite

An elegant bedroom with king-sized bed where you can relax as if you were in your own home.


The Kitchen

A completely open and bright space that has everything you need for your stay, including a dishwasher, oven, cutlery and microwave. Fully remodelled and with a very modern and minimalist style, you will feel like you are cooking in your own home.

The Surroundings


Located in the heart of the city, the famous Gran Vía is an ideal location for shopping, with brands like Desigual, Zara, H&M or the official Real Madrid store. A few metres away, we find Calle Fuencarral, one of the great commercial areas of the city where there are shops such as Michael Kors, Custo Barcelona, Adolfo Domínguez or Levi’s. In the middle of Puerta del Sol is the Apple Store and large stores such as El Corte Inglés or Fnac.


The apartment is located in an ideal area for trying authentic Spanish tapas of classic taverns like Casa Labra or Lhardy. If your taste is more gourmet, you are also in luck, as La Terraza del Casino, a two-Michelin-Star restaurant led by Chef Paco Roncero, or the Dos Cielos Madrid restaurant, managed by the Torres brothers, are very close.


If you want to enjoy Madrid’s nightlife, you are in luck, because many of the fashion sites are in this area, from small indie or hipster style clubs in the Fuencarral and Sol areas to terraces such as The Room, Grand&Cafe, Tartan Room or Sky Lounge. If you prefer larger clubs, Shoko or Kapital will be perfect for you.


The apartment, located in the Gran Vía—the city’s nerve centre—, is perfect for exploring and admiring buildings from various architectural periods. Just a few minutes’ walk away, we find Madrid’s Old Centre, with some of the most famous buildings in the city, like the Royal Palace or the Cathedral of Almudena. If you want to immerse yourself in culture, the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen Museums are only 15 minutes away by taxi or public transport.

The rules


Holding parties in the apartment is absolutely forbidden – the apartment is located in a building where other people have their homes, so it is extremely important to show them respect by not being noisy and especially keeping noise to a minimum between 11 pm and 10 am. That way, they can get a good night’s sleep!


Try not to make strange noises or run in the building’s common areas, especially at night. Following these noise-related rules is important for other people in the building and our relationship with them, so we ask you to comply with them. Please do not rent one of our apartments if you think it will be hard to follow these rules.


Smoking is forbidden in the apartment, including the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and all the bedrooms. However, feel free to smoke on the terrace. Please be clean and careful, and refrain from using glassware or plates as ashtrays.

Lost keys

The front door to the apartment has a Fichet security lock. If you lose your keys, a new set will involve a cost of €90. You will receive a text message upon your arrival with the number of keys we have delivered to you. If you have lost your keys, please contact your host as soon as possible.

In case of non-compliance…

In case of non-compliance with these rules or if other residents make legitimate complaints, we will deduct 50% of your deposit. If this situation continues, you will be expelled from the apartment with no right to a refund for time not used, and the deposit will not be returned. If an object breaks or gets lost, please let us know as soon as possible so we can replace the item as soon as possible. If the item is of low value, such as a glass, plate, etc. we will not make any deductions from the deposit. Any other kind of damage or loss will mean a deduction for the amount of the damage.

Our beds

We highly value your rest. All beds are made to the highest standards for comfort; mattresses and pillows are memory foam and hypoallergenic, as is the 100%-cotton bed linen.

See you soon!

We hope you have enjoyed the tour around our Prado apartment.
We would love to see you around our high standard and beautifully-designed apartments located in the best spots of Madrid so that you can make the most out of your stay in the sunny Spanish capital!